My professional experience is multi-faceted and as a result I can fill many different roles in a company. Here are a few:

Development Team Leader

Leading product development teams requires understanding the motivation of creative engineers and programmers. Through my experience, I have come to understand ways to attract, retain and motivate talented product developers. As a reader and student of the tech industry, I have sought out books and other sources to give me insight into the different aspects of product development and the people who succeed and fail. As an entrepreneur, making all the decisions about how to hire, compensate, and motivate development teams I have firsthand knowledge of the effects, good and bad, of different ways to manage teams.

Heads Down Developer

With experience leading product development teams, why would I want to be a heads down programmer? Put simply, I love to code. Always have. It's not work for me. It's more like playing a video game. When coding I can get really excited and time and all other concerns disappear. I get so excited imagining how much my customers (external or internal) are going enjoy the work I'm doing that often I end up surprised to see the sun coming up and think "wow, what a great job I have."

CTO for Tech Start Up

Being able to analyze development efforts in terms of business benefits is the key to making successful startups. This applies if you are a huge company launching new products or a two person start up. My experience has enabled me to understand the business and more importantly to communicate product development needs and benefits clearly to non-technical stake holders.